Cameron Herold Double Double Meetup

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200+ of us packed into a conference room at The Inn at the Quay in New Westminister last night. We were all there to see, hear and learn from one of the most well know entrepreneurs in Canada.. perhaps in North America.

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Cameron Herold – @cameronherold on Twitter – of College Pro Painting, 1-800-GOT-JUNK and now Backpocket COO fame came to share with us how to get earned media. The Meetup event was organized and hosted by ByzHub founder Owen  Clark aka @ByzHubOwen

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Thanks to the active Tweeters in the room I don’t have to write a whole lot about this event, the tweets speak volumes about the quality of the presentation and the great content. After a few minor sound issues and some disclosures by Cameron we got underway.

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Cameron Herold


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Did I mention that we all got a copy of the of Cameron’s new book Double Double

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And the question now is….

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And with some final words…

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