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A few months ago I played around with a fun little video app call Google Search Story Creator. Since then it seems to have changed how it works but the original short stories created are still available on YouTube. Their temporary story creator is here and they have a notice suggesting that this app will change more in the future.

To make some use of these I recently signed up for a Vidcaster account – the free one – and I love it!  This is my Vidcaster site and this is one we started for THOUGHTstream. Both are still in the “we’re working on it” stage but they look awesome. Then today I found Viewbix thanks to Social Times great blog.

What I like about Viewbix is that it makes it easy to embed links your Twitter feed, you blog or website, a map, a coupon, a call to action.. ok, the list goes on and on. All the features are free until November 1, 2011 at which point you will have to pay for some of the premium apps.

Bottom line, setting up the Vidcaster site and creating the Viewbix video was, in both cases, quick, easy and the free versions are useful enough with the inexpensive paid version looking to be good bang for your marketing and promotion buck. Both work seamlessly with YouTube so they can extend the reach of your current video and social media activities. Cool, eh!

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