Where beliefs come from

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Meet John and Jane. They’ve recently committed to one another. John usually does the cooking but tonight Jane has decided to give it a try.

GoAnimate.com: Where beliefs come from – Part 1 by jamiebillingham

Oh, dear. John can’t keep his curiosity in check. He has to know what caused Jane to believe this. Will this meeting with Jane’s mom help him discover the answers he is looking for?

GoAnimate.com: Where beliefs come from – Part 2 by jamiebillingham

John now has part of the story and a clue to follow up on. What will he discover next?

GoAnimate.com: Where beliefs come from – Finale by jamiebillingham

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Where do your beliefs come from?

Thanks to Hyrum Smith for this story.

Want more? Check out Mark Petruzzi and Jesse Lyn Stoner for more resources about beliefs, vision and values driven leadership and more.

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