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Leadership is all about the bass, no treble

Being a leader of substance means being solid. It means being the anchor that holds the ship steady in a storm. It means being a person of substance. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes and the best of them have substantial presence when needed. read more

The moral equation

What you believe to be the “truth” determines your moral judgement around everything. What we believe to be the truth is usually influenced by our culture, our upbringing and what our peers ascribe a “the truth”. read more…


Where beliefs come from

Meet John and Jane. They’ve recently committed to one another. John usually does the cooking but tonight Jane has decided to give it a try. Her cooking techniques result in a deeper look into the origin of beliefs. more here…

How to set goals

One of the areas that seems to be most challenging to people, groups, and organizations is finding and using an effective goal setting process. The graphic above is the process used by in-the-know businesses and interestingly enough, by educators and professional athletes. read more

Changing habits

To understand how to replace habits, or to change any behaviour, it helps to have a a basic understanding of how change works. I default to the transtheoretical model of behaviour change because it’s well researched and makes sense to me. Although this model is used mostly in behavioural health – diet, exercise, substance abuse and recovery – its really a model of how most of us experience change in all areas of our lives. read more

Community Engagement and  Leadership

It’s not apathy – It’s barriers

If city hall was a business and the marketing department repeatedly came back saying .. uh, well, we put an ad in the paper, guess no one was interested… they’d be job hunting really quickly. This post features an amazing TedTalk by by Dave Meslin. more…

What is community?

Communities are networks, created and connected by relationships between people who have varied values and visions for themselves, their families and their own organizations. There is little room for a shared vision because that would by definition de-value the diversity that is present and needs to be valued more, in a health community. A community embraces a variety of values and visions and goals because it is organic, complex and adaptive in the same way a human body is. Not in the way an organization or business is. more…

Should mayors rule the world?

I think Mayor’s and by extension city councillors should rule the world. They are our best chance at  genuine participatory democracy provided they are engaging their community as a way of empowering constituents to have a voice, take part, co-create, collectively envision and change the world for the better, one city and one issue at a time. If they aren’t then they are just politicians playing a political game. read more…

Flipping neighbourhood design

The kinds of neighbourhoods that I believe we should be encouraging are not completely emergent. That would be chaotic. What I’m pondering is what if we started with what we had? read more…

Will the real early adopters please stand up, please stand up, please stand up…

One of the things we forget, “we” being those of us who have embraced technology, is that almost half of the folks in Canada and the US have not… embraced it, that is. 50% of people over 16 are on Facebook. Outstanding! 50% are not. 30% of  businesses use Twitter/Foursquare/LinkedIn. Fantastic! 70% do not. Read more…

Social Media and Marketing

Social Media 101

A slideshare and a downloadable workbook that you can use to create a communications strategy and social media plan. read more…


I have noticed lately that many a small biz (in Chilliwack and elsewhere) tentatively launching into the Twitterverse, perhaps some thinking that they are going where no small business or non-profit has gone before. I have to tell you that is not the case. read more…

Content marketing in 2 minutes with Powtoon

I was recently introduced to PowToon – an amazing online animation tool that lets you easily create animated videos and presentations. After trying the free version I was impressed enough to purchase a paid subscription. Here’s my first… read more.

Publish your own daily paper with Paper.li

A few days ago I got a request for more information about The Chilliwack Daily, a self publishing, online paper that I created with a free content aggregator/curator called Paper.li. read more here…

The Art of Marketing – Vancouver 2014

I was fortunate enough to attend the Art of marketing conference in Vancouver with my amazing Thoughtstream MarCom team. This is my Storify of the event. read more.

QR Codes – How to use responsibly

Here’s my list of 10 a dozen TO DOs for creating QR codes that won’t harm any pets or humans for that matter. read more…

Are you ready for CASL?

A few years ago the Canadian federal government passed a new law – Bill C-28 – the Electronic Commercial Protection Act. It’s taken a while to get itself organized but the new law takes effect July 1st 2014… thats not too far off. The law, sometimes referred to as CASL – Canadian Anti Spam Legislation – has been described as draconian by some and confusing by others. read more.

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