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Posts about learning, education and curriculum design.

Course creation with Versal

A short decade ago Moodle and Blackboard were the only real options for providing online training or education. Today there is a growing number of course authoring platforms to choose from. Over the past few weeks I’ve been exploring several of these new options and want to share my experiences with them, beginning with Versal. read more

Your amazing brain

Great video infographic about how your brain works. more here…

The environments of learning

The way we design our physical environments says something. We need to pay more attention to the physical environment that we ask people (kids are people too) to be in while they learn. more.

Engagement and feedback with VoiceThread

I would also love to see VoiceThread used for larger scale, community engagement. Imagine using it to gather informal feedback about a school or class initiative. Or using it to share a special project or story about a class in general. Because of the way VoiceThread works you can control who has access, it can be moderated and it can be left open for adding comments, for as long as you want. more here…

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