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These are the authors, books and articles that inspire me, frame my thinking and provide me with insight and direction. I have found these to be really useful and in some cases life changing.  I’m just updating this list so check back in a couple of weeks for the new list. Seriously.. too many books and too little time!

I also keep article and posts in my Diigo bookmarks and this list for leaders and decision-makers.



Personal mastery
Lessons from the Fifth Discipline

Peter Senge – The Fifth Discipline, The Art and Practice of Learning Organizations (1990, 2006). Possibly the best treatment of mental models ever. I go back to this book over and over. The section on Spreading Visions: Enrollment, Commitment and Compliance has helped me understand resistance to change. Plus the section on Dialogue and Discussion opened entirely new windows of understanding.





Steven JohnsonEmergence, The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities and Software (2002). This was like a gateway drug for me, foreshadowing the entire social networking explosion.

Patrick LencioniOvercoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team (2005). Another go back to time and again resource. The five dysfunctions are: Absence of Trust, Fear of Conflict, Lack of Commitment, Avoidance of Accountability, Inattention to Results. I love the relaxed writing style and easy to grasp models presented in Lencioni’s books.


The Difference book coverThe Difference – How the power of diversity creates better groups, firms, schools, and societies by Scott E. Page – Possibly one of my favorite books. Because of this book I recently took a Coursera course taught by Scott Page. He speaks like he writes – engaging, interesting and somehow able to make even the most difficult concepts understandable.

… as individuals we can accomplish only so much. We’re limited in our abilities. Our heads contain only so many neurons and axons. Collectively, we face no such constraint. We possess incredible capacity to think differently. These differences can provide the seeds of innovation, progress, and understanding. ~ Scott E. Page


Articles and blog posts

How to Write Articles and Essays Quickly and Expertly by Stephen Downes is, I think, one of the best how-to articles written.

William Isaac’s article, Dialogic Leadership from The Systems Thinker (1999) presents the four-player model and process – helps explains dialogue and discussion, advocacy and inquiry.

More to come…