1. Epistemology is a branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and justification of what?
2. You might follow this epistemology if you believe the truth is concrete and does not depend of what you believe.
3. These epistemologies are based on perspectives such as relationality, the interconnection of sacred and secular, and holism.
4. Grading schemes used to reinforce or punish may have their roots in this branch of objectivism.
5. B.F. Skinner demonstrated this type of conditioning by training pigeons to display complex behaviours.
6. One criticism of behaviourism is that it treats humans as a this. 2 words.
7. A focus on internal processes in response to experiences suggests which epistemological tradition?
8. Benjamin Bloom introduced these widely used taxonomied based on theories of cognitivism in education. What are they taxonomies of? 2 words
9. Cognitivists like Bloom suggest that that there are three important domains of learning cognitive, psychomotor, and what?